Sunday, August 12, 2007


still here and there but far apart huh?

guess i'd thank you
for letting me be what i am
though i might be a little different
but what difference does it make
when i cannot even wonder
if i am still for you or you for me
but as far as this heart may beat
i'd keep you inside the beat
so that every breath i endure
may whisper my ungiven love

i can't say i miss you
because if i do...
my heart beats both slow and fast...

but as far as we are still here and there
i think we can always keep this string
one or two every other days together
to tell you... that i am here and you are
there... but we always try to be one

may God leads us both into whatever
path He chose
I'd see you around

with irregular heartbeat and stumbled mind...

originally made: (yokko) 15032005 09:33



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